Citizenship, Democracy, Social Justice

some responses posted by students in Canvas Assignments in response to various readings


We interpret assumptions in a variety of ways, including creating stereotypes about an entire community of people, such as Muslims. Politicians, such as Donald Trump use the media to try to evoke an emotional response out of the public toward his goal of oppressed Muslims by using incidents between the LGBTQ and the Muslim community to further prove that “”Radical Islam is… anti-gay and anti-American,”. Although his claim is farther from the truth, his use of statistics, such as the 11 attacks on gays in an Islamic community influence how we begin to perceive Islam as a whole.  Donald Trump tends to utilize these tragic events to further push his own political agenda to get rid of Muslims in America and amplify his Islamophobia. Through the use of such persuasive techniques Donald is able to fully influence how to begin to perceive a whole race based on the actions of a few. We on the other hand, are at fault for encouraging these forces to shape our way of thinking by constantly trusting all the information the media are brainwashing us with.


Many people have things that they believe in, but not all of these people actually stand up for what they believe. Based on the three readings, citizens should learn how to take a stand and do it in a way that will not cause harm but help to their communities. “Community involvement, in other words, is the mirror that best reflects our individual choices…” (pg.29 Soul of a Citizen) Those who do help the community or just stand up for their ideas reflect a good citizen.

These ideas reflect citizenship, as to be a citizen is to help a community work together. Noura, in the reading “LGBTQ Muslims find voice, identifying with different worlds”, stood up for all queer people in Orlando and those who are Muslim. This is a way for a citizen to find their “soul”, as it caused Noura to speak up for the queer community and help those who were afraid to speak up. It is clear that many citizens want to make a change but are not sure how to start. Paul Rogat Loeb author of Soul of a Citizen, Suggests that it does not take much to practice citizenship. This is true as many people seek change but do not demand the change they seek. These ideas also have to deal with citizenship as being a citizen deals with a person taking a risk. Deciding to speak instead of being silent ties in with citizenship immensely.


Loeb argues that in order to become a true citizen of society one must separate his or herself from society’s status quo. One must be courageous and fight for the rights and equality that is rejected or ignored by society. Loeb says, “Silence is more costly than speaking out, because it requires the ultimate sacrifice- the erosion of our spirit” (Loeb 29) In other words, Loeb is arguing that an individual with true citizenship will use his or her voice to fight for what they believe is ultimately good for all in society. A true citizen is true to what he or she believes, develop a sense of community full of diversity and openness, and take risk for a better and equal society. Furthermore, a true citizen is aware of the conflict that brews within communities and open to different and not judgmental. In his article “LGBTQ Muslim Find His Voice,” Warikoo expresses how the acceptance of gays in the Muslim was seen as a sin and therefore many Muslims battle with their self and even lead one to shoot up a gay bar. Warikoo says such harmful actions could’ve been avoided if He had a sense of community that allowed him to be rid of the hate and anger towards himself and introduced him to a radical love. (Warikoo 2016) If just one stood up and introduced this broken man to a sense of belonging, not only could’ve lives been saved, but a true citizen could’ve been founded and an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Overall, the articles convey that the only way to change the world is to be first be a citizen, and the only way to be a citizen is to fist accept your own individuality and don’t be afraid of failure or your own voice.


Education is a powerful system or the base that determines the nature of a country and the lives of the people that live within the country. When citizens of a country are not educated it allows room for social injustices to occur. Without a source of any level of education, citizens unknowingly become victims of unjust treatment and laws. It is possible that a society can be ignorant of certain laws, rights, and governmental system because of the lack of education. In many countries around the world Muslims face the issue of freedom, equal opportunity, and education. Education brings awareness to human rights and causes people to have social perspectives. In the Bhutto film, the country of Pakistan lacked education of all forms, especially women’s education. It is impossible to have a country that withholds the values of democracy when viable members of the society lack education.


Benazir Bhutto is a great example as someone who reflects and fought for all of these things, and did it while remaining moral and just and never resorted to violence. She once said, “Thus humans must seek and apply knowledge, must use reason, must consult and build a consensus for a just society on earth on which they will be judged in the hereafter.” In this she shows how to get a just society, you have to want to accumulate your knowledge and grow to overcome difficulties. Social justice is something that we have not achieved in America yet let alone other countries. It is still easier for those afforded better opportunities to succeeded more, even though a lot of people are born into bad situations. While all can be educated the success rate in certain places does not compare to those in the ghettos. The more people who can become educated the better our society will be come. Democracy or something close to it must be achieved everywhere to give us a just world for everyone to live in.


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