This schedule is not set in stone; it may be necessary for me to make some changes in it as we move through the semester. Always read, highlight, and bring the assigned reading material to class with you, preferably on paper.


9              Introduction to course

In-class writing and discussion (True Colors)

14           Due: Reflection Writing on placement exam essay

(see assignment sheet handout for Reflection Writing)

Read: from ReMix on cultural analysis (PDF)

In-class writing, discussion, exercises


16           Read: from Outliers (chapters TBA)

Due:  “My Relationship to Writing” Essay Draft


*20    Sunday by midnight “My Relationship to Writing” Essay Final, Revised

          post to Canvas Assignments-Essays


Sept 21          Discuss Outlier’s con’t ; Henry Miller’s “Reflections on Writing” (PDF)

Read: from They Say, I Say (PDF 1): chap Two, “The Art of Summarizing” (chaps 1, 3 optional)

in-class: we’ll continue with the discussion of Outliers (the hockey example) and then discuss Miller– the form and content of his essay– writing summary via They Say I Say, and etc.


Sept 23           Due: Summary of Miller (bring typed and printed to class; see assignment sheet and sample summary in Canvas Files)

Discussion of E-portfolio and Blogging; bring your laptop to class

In-class : setting up a blog and posting: 

  1. set up a blog: wordpress or blogger; links to instructions:

wordpress: (and start a blog) (make sure to choose a free layout and say no to any questions that ask you if you want to pay for service; just use the free blog service)


2. create a static front page with a welcome note and a posts page for posting responses (see instructions:




Sept 28           Continue with blog setting up and writing, discussion of E-portfolio, online media, etc.

Bring your laptop to class


Sept 30           Read: Douglass (link here) or find PDF on Canvas

Read: King, Jr. “Letter” link here to text online

Due: Summaries of Douglass & King (bring typed and printed to class)

Work on Response writing in-class

Summary-Analysis-Response Assignment TBA



Oct 5              Read: from Soul of a Citizen (PDF) (moved to Oct 12)

Summary-Analysis-Response draft workshop in class (see assignment sheet: draft 1)


Oct 7   Summary-Analysis-Response draft workshop2 in class (see assignment sheet: draft 2)


Oct 12           Read: West, “Prisoners of Hope,” Zinn, and Mandela (in Impossible)

Read: from Soul of a Citizen (PDF)


Oct 13         Blog Reflection Writing 1 Due (though you can write/post anytime earlier); see Assignments in Canvas


Oct 14           Read: Nouwen and Kushner (in Impossible)


Oct 15             Thur:  upload Summary-Response Final, Revised Draft to Canvas Assignments by 11pm


19 & 20 Fall Break No Class


Oct 21           Read: Walker, Starhawk, Tutu (in Impossible)

Research and Citing Sources


Oct 26           Argument Essay Draft + Reflection Due and Workshop in Class


Oct 28           Film: Inequality for All



*You are responsible for watching two films outside of class: Capitalism, A Love Story & I Am. These are on reserve in the Askwith Media Library in the Shapiro Library ( There are writing assignments due for each film (Nov 18 and Nov 30; see schedule below).


Nov 2              Read: Amazing Grace (pgs 1-75/100)


Nov 4             Film con’t: Inequality for All

Upload Argument Essay Final, Revised to Canvas Assignments by 5pm


Nov 9             Film con’t + discussion + Final Paper discussion


Nov 11          Final Paper Project Draft Due and Workshop in Class (see assignment sheet)


Nov 16           Read: Amazing Grace (pgs 75-150); come to class prepared to share specific passages from the text, any research you have found to tell us more about the South Bronx today, or any issues you have looked into further, and your reflection/responses/ideas.


Nov 18

Final Paper Project Draft Due + Reflection and Workshop in Class (see assignment sheet)

Upload draft + reflection to Canvas Assignments


Nov 23

Work on E-Portfolio in class; bring your laptop to class

video/audio essay discussion in class; links: (click on situations to watch the video essays) (wes anderson centered) shedule and links)

Kitchen sisters :

Lindy West (trolling and cyber bullying):


Nov 25           *Blog Response on films: Reich & Moore, and book: Amazing Grace (due on your blog by 5pm Fri Nov 27)

Write 2-3 paragraphs (or more) that compare the films in terms of content and form (how do the films make similar points/arguments but with different means of presentation/strategies). Use specific examples and explain concretely what and how you see both films doing. How does this relate, or not relate, to Amazing Grace? Give specific examples and discussion and then reflect on the relevance or something that you find interesting about any/all of these texts. Post this response to your blog, and then upload the URL into Canvas Assignments (Blog Reflection: Reich, Moore, and Amazing Grace).


Nov 26           Thursday, Thanksgiving


Nov 30           Film: Grace Lee Boggs

*Canvas writing + print and bring to class: write a reflection in which you discuss 2-3 examples from the film I Am and explain why/how you find these intriguing



2              Film: Grace Lee Boggs

7              E-Portfolio Workshop/Share/Present

9              E-Portfolio Workshop/Share/Present

14           E-Portfolio Workshop/Share/Present; Last Day of Class

Final Revised Portfolios due by midnight