Summer 2016

Thur 6/30


Canvas intro and discussion

In-class reading and writing (ReMix)

Rhetoric and Advertising:

Sign-up for Workshops: group A (6-7:30) or B (7:30-9)

**No Evening Workshop Today


Tue 7/5

 Cultural Studies and Academic Writing

Watch: Cultural Studies:

Stuart Hall on Representation:

Read: Remix (handout from last Thur class)

Soul of  Citizen Intro (Canvas PDF in Files)

From Safe space to Brave space (link from online schedule)

LGBTQ Muslims and the Orlando Shooting (link from online schedule)

Write: Canvas Assignments Citizenship (go to Canvas Assignments, click on the link to the Assignment, Submit and type your response in the text box)


In-class discussion: cultural studies via readings, genre and rhetoric, set up blog sites

In-class or after: click here to sign up for a conference time with Jill on 7/7 or 7/12; Bring your Relationship to Writing Essay with you to the conference to look at and discuss.


Group A (6-7:30), Group B (7:30-9)

Begin/Continue working on draft of Relationship to Writing Essay

Reading and homework for Thur.

click here to sign up for a conference time with Jill on 7/7 or 7/12; Bring your Relationship to Writing Essay with you to the conference to look at and discuss.


Thur 7/7

 Democracy & Writing (public and private)

Watch this video and practice Active Reading by highlighting and taking notes on the reading assignments, and bring the texts with you to class.

Come prepared to continue discussing Soul of a Citizen (from Tue) with specific passages and examples from the text, and from Safe Space to Brave space (the analysis of the “rules” of conversation)

Read: Aristotle, Bhutto (PDFs in Canvas Files) & Gladwell (Outliers)  pages 15-34

[optional: Henry Miller (Canvas PDF)]

Bring: 2 or more page draft, typed and printed, Relationship to Writing Essay to use/share in class



6-8:00pm film and discussion

Watch Bhutto (documentary film)

8:15-9pm optional study hall; stay and work on assignments, etc.


Tue 7/12

 History, Rhetoric, Representation

*Bring your laptop with you to class so we can set up blog sites.

*(Reading assignments: bring texts to class printed on paper or on a laptop/e-reader (not a cell phone) with notes and highlighted sections to share and discuss)

Prepare: In-Class continue discussion of Bhutto (PDF text and film) and Gladwell’s Outliers p15-34.

Read and prepare to discuss: Frederick Douglass, MLK “Letter from Birmingham” (PDFs in Canvas Files)

(optional listen:

Watch: The Danger of a Single Story

Listen:  Rep Sweats

Write: Canvas Assignments Democracy (go to Canvas Assignments, click on the link for Democracy, follow the prompt and submit)

In-Class: Summary Assignment 1

In-Class watch: from Dope



Group B (6-7:30), Group A (7:30-9)

Discuss summaries, work on writing, think about how to revise and why. Type, print, and bring to class on Thur.

Work on blog post writing Assignment on Democracy: Write 3-5 comprehensive, thoughtful, reflective paragraphs about Democracy. Use ideas and quotes from any of the reading so far. Think about how any of these ideas relate to our contemporary American society. Be specific, describe and explain, include your own personal reflection and ideas.

Post this on your blog posts page and post the link in Canvas Assignments Blog Reflection Writing 1. (Due next Tue)

**Blog site set-up instructions are in Canvas Misc Files


Tue July 12: Relationship to Writing Essay due in Canvas Assignments by 11:59pm


Thur 7/14

Audience and Activism

(bring MLK’s “Letter from Birmingham” back to discuss further)

Read: Alice Walker and Cornel West (PDFs in Canvas Files)

Articles on #BlackLivesMatter (we’ll look at these during class)

Bring: Summary Assignment 1



6-8:15pm film and discussion  Watch Selma (film)

8:15-9pm optional study hall; stay and work on assignments, etc.


Tue 7/19

Race, Privilege, and Critical Analysis

Read (and highlight, take notes, and come prepared to discuss):  Gladwell pages 35-115  ;  #BLackLivesMatter articles and links

Watch: What is privilege video

Bring: typed and printed summaries 1 & 2 (summary 2 should follow the same assignment as the first but be written on another text we have read)

Due: Blog Reflection 1 Democracy; post your reflection on your blog site “posts” page and then submit the URL in Canvas Assignments. *See assignment in Canvas Assignments.



Group A (6-7:30), Group B (7:30-9)

Begin discussion and drafting of Argument Essay Assignment; discuss introductions, thesis statements, conventions of academic argument. Print and bring 2 page draft to Class Thur.


Thur 7/21

Social Media Activism, Purpose, Audience, Public Writing

We’ll start by talking about some of the articles and links posted under the #BlackLivesMatter post on the WordPress News page… read and bring notes on 2-3 of the links/articles to share and discuss.

Watch: Active Citizenship:

Social media don’t get deleted:

Read: Gladwell p177-269 (we’ll revisit earlier chapters and start talking about chapter 7, so go back and read what you’ve missed, etc)

Due on Canvas: Revised Summary (choose one of the two summaries you have written, revise and turn in to Canvas Assignments)

In-Class discuss draft of Argument Paper

Sign up for another conference with Jill

and a lunch meeting


Workshop: Group B (6-7:30), Group A (7:30-9)

Work on Argument Draft, discussion, revision



Tue 7/26

Popular Culture and Critical Analysis

Continue discussion of group presentations of #BlackLivesMatter articles

Watch: Beyonce Formation Video and Superbowl performance video (fast forward to Beyonce)

Read: Two articles analyzing cultural relevance and impact of song, performance, video; make sure to read both and compare the different perspectives/interpretations:

Bring: Argument Paper complete, typed, and printed to use in class


Workshop: Group A (6-7:30), Group B (7:30-9)

Argument Peer Review


Thur 7/28

Public Writing

Bring: find 2-3 examples of different kinds of online activism to share and discuss in class

Read:  Gladwell p224-285 (we’ll also revisit earlier chapters, so go back and read what you’ve missed, etc)

Soul of a Citizen 2 (Canvas PDF)

on plagiarism:

 Citing Sources: See handouts on MLA citation in Canvas Files Misc Docs

Bridge Scholars Blog post on managing stress:

 Write: Blog Response 2 on blog site and post URL in Canvas Assignments:

write 4-5 comprehensive paragraphs that focus on an idea in relation to any texts/videos/podcasts we’ve read/heard/discussed. You can write about whatever idea you want, but do some summarizing and analyzing (what is the argument or idea presented, how does the author make that argument) as well as reflecting and responding. Make sure to include  quotes and examples. Also make sure to appropriately quote and cite the texts you discuss and do not copy and paste any additional ideas from anywhere else without referencing/quoting them.


Workshop 6-8:15 film and discussion (Film: Ai Wei Wei)

8:15-9pm optional study hall; stay and work on assignments, etc.


Friday 7/29 Argument Paper due on Canvas by 11:59 pm


Tue 8/2

Public Writing con’t

continue discussion of Outliers Chapter 9 and Epilogue



Read: Kozol, Amazing Grace, pages 1-47

In-Class: begin discussion and wring Final paper assignment/proposal


Workshop  Group B (6-7:30), Group A (7:30-9)

Paper draft: organize, focus, audience, purpose


Thur 8/4

Public Writing con’t

Sign up for another conference with Jill to discuss final projects, and I’d love to have lunch with 5-7 of you this Thur if you are free (I have a pass for lunch in the cafeteria but would love to go with a group from class); a few folks have signed up but there’s space for 3 or 4 more.

Bring min. 4-5 page draft of Final Paper

In-Class: E-Portfolios



6-8:15 film and discussion (Film: American Revolutionary)

8:15-9pm optional study hall; stay and work on assignments, etc.


Tue 8/9

Bring E-Portfolio to work on and discuss in class

Read: Kozol pages 48-155 and do a little research about what the South Bronx situation is like today; have there been positive changes? other or no changes? etc?

*Bring complete, revised draft of final paper


Workshop Group A (6-7:30), Group B (7:30-9)

E-Portfolio: work on making pages, uploading assignments and media, follow instructions on checklist


Thur 8/11

Public Writing, and Activism

Finish reading Kozol up to p155; continue writing about 2 passages, sections from the text, stories, or examples Kozol presents; reflect and respond in detail. Also read “To the Reader” and write a paragraph that reflects on the writing and construction of the book; how are we to use the information we get as reader? How important is accuracy in Kozol’s telling of the stories and the ways he edits quotes and conversations?

Bring computer to work on final papers and Eportfolios in class



6-8:15 film and discussion (Film: I Am)

8:15-9pm optional study hall; stay and work on assignments, etc.


**Fri 8/12

Blog Response 3 Due: post a reflection on your blog that discusses 2-3 of the films you watched in Workshop this semester. What kinds of similar or different ideas were presented in the films? How/why are you reflecting on and/or making connections between the films? How do the films highlight or supplement readings and discussion we’ve had during the semester? Include specific quotes, references, examples from the films to show your ideas and make whatever points you want to make.

Post on your blog and then post the URL in Canvas Assignments by 8pm Fri 8/12



Tue 8/16  last day of class

will begin at 11:10 am (after the math final)

Present and discuss E-Portfolios in class



Wed 8/17 Final revised  E-Portfolio Due by 8pm