Summer 2017

 This schedule is not set in stone; it may be necessary for me to make some changes in it as we move through the semester. Always read, highlight, and bring the assigned reading material to class with you, preferably on paper.

Thur 6/29

  • Introductions
  • Canvas intro and discussion
  • In-class reading and writing
  • Cultural Studies Handout/videos


Rhetoric and Advertising:

Cultural Studies:

Stuart Hall Race, Gender, Class in Media



Thur 7/6

Narrative and Identity

  • Write, print, bring: reflect on the relationship between the Danger of the Single Story and the analysis of Safe Space. How does the revised/alternative Brave space for group communication expand from single stories to consider more complex stories? 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Highlight and write notes on Miller; what points are interesting in this                       essay? Why? What main ideas is he presenting? What is unique about his                 writing style and how does that relate to what he is trying to say?
  • In-Class: Introduce Relationship to Writing Essay
  • Sign up for conferences with Jill. *You must sign up for a total of 3 conferences. Check the course schedule to see when papers and major assignments are due. Check your schedule of activities and events. Plan ahead, and sign up for all 3 conference times asap. You may change times if slots are available and/or by negotiating changes with classmates when possible.



Tue 7/11

Democracy and Civic Engagement

Read: Soul of Citizen Intro p1-13 (Canvas PDF)

Bhutto (PDF); Mandela (PDF)

Bring: typed and printed Relationship to Writing Essay complete draft

Write + Bring: In your own words, reflect on one or more connections you see between the readings; use quotes to show the ideas from the readings that you discuss. 2-3 paragraphs.

In-Class Begin: Summary Assignment 1; Bhutto film



Group A (6-7:30)

Group B (7:30-9)



Thur 7/13

Purpose, Audience, and Activism

Bring: Summary 1 to workshop in class (typed and printed out)

Read: Frederick Douglass (PDF), MLK (PDF), Alice Walker (PDF); highlight or write down 3 key quotes from each essay to share in class and discuss

Watch: finish Bhutto:

Write: in-class writing on readings


Workshop 6-8:15pm film and discussion

Watch Selma (film)

8:15-9pm optional study

hall; stay and work on assignments for next week




Friday July 14: Relationship to Writing Essay due on Canvas by 11pm

Set up a blog and bring the URL with you to class Tue

  1. set up a blog: wordpress or blogger; links to instructions:

wordpress: (and start a blog) (make sure to choose a free layout and say no to any questions that ask you if you want to pay for service; just use the free blog service)


Tue 7/18

History & Cultural Narratives

Due: Blog Post writing Assignment (post to Blog and Canvas before class): Write about Democracy and Civic engagement using 2-3 texts/authors we’ve read and your own reflection, interpretation, response. Include quotes and examples. Be specific and watch out for large generalizing statements. Write 2-3 comprehensive paragraphs.

Bring: revised summaries 1 & 2 (typed and printed)

Read: Gladwell Chapter 1; Coates Case for Reparations parts I & II

Listen: United States of Anxiety: The Culture Wars

In-Class Begin: The Black Power Mix Tape




Group A (6-7:30)

Group B (7:30-9)






Thur 7/20

Purpose, Audience, Privilege

watch The Black Power Mix Tape

Read: Gladwell chap 2 & 3

Optional:   Rep Sweats

in-class Watch: What is privilege video


In-class Begin Analysis Essay Assignment


Group B (6-7:30)

Group A (7:30-9)



*Analysis Essay draft due, printed, in class Tue 7/25

*Summary Revision due on Canvas Thur 7/27

Tue 7/25     Popular Culture and Critical Analysis

Watch: Beyonce Formation Video and Superbowl performance

Read Beyonce Articles and bring a summary of the argument/perspective of each (4-5 sentences each):

Bring: Analysis Paper typed and printed (Peer Review 1) (4-5 pages draft)


Group A (6-7:30)

Group B (7:30-9)




Thur 7/27

Public Writing & Activism

Read: Gladwell chapter 3 & 4 ; write: compare and contrast the two examples/stories (one from each chapter) especially in terms of privilege, opportunity, and “success”; print and bring this to class.

#BlackLivesMatter articles (choose 2 and bring the articles with highlights and notes):

11 Misconceptions :

data on police bias:

What’s wrong with all lives matter:

Time :


Analysis Paper Peer Review 2




Friday 7/29 Analysis Paper due on Canvas by 11:59 pm


Tue 8/1

Public Writing & Activism

Read: Kozol, Amazing Grace ch 1 & 2; No Excuse for Adjuncts

Listen: On the Media

Watch: Active Citizenship:

Social media don’t get deleted:

In-Class: begin discussion and wring Final paper assignment/proposal



Group B (6-7:30)

Group A (7:30-9)




Thur 8/3

Activism & Cultural Narratives

Read: Kozol ch  3 & 4; also see info on Bronx today here and here  and here

Bring: Mind Map + Proposal + outline  

In-Class: E-Portfolios: see checklist for portfolio requirements; google ‘how to’ figure out how to build your site in WordPress; look at samples here and here and here  


Workshop/discuss portfolios and final papers

Watch film: Moonlight


Tue 8/8

Connections & Reflections

Blog Post 2 Due on blog and Canvas: Write about Moonlight and connections you see to other texts/videos/audio we’ve discussed; how does the film give us different narratives than many mainstream cultural narratives? Be specific, explain in depth, include quotes and examples.

Bring: Complete Draft of Final Paper (printed out)

Bring a computer to work on E-Portfolio and discuss in class


Group A (6-7:30)

Group B (7:30-9)





Thur 8/10

Connections & Reflections

Read: Klein  here

and watch here

Bring: Complete Revised Draft of final paper


course evaluations in class

Workshop: work on portfolios 6-8pm and then watch film for HW, to write about it in class Tue (Watch film: Ai Wei Wei and write about public art + activism)


Tue 8/15  last day of class


Present E-Portfolios to class



Wed 8/16 E-Portfolio Due by 5pm